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      Katana Zirconia HT

      New Addition to KATANA™ Zirconia LT (Low Translucent) HT and LT series has different levels of translucency, making them especially suitable for porcelain layering!

      Different levels of translucency allow you to choose between HT and LT to fabricate a highly esthetic porcelain-fused zirconia restoration with minimum laboratory effort. Porcelain-fused zirconia restorations tend to have a thin framework; their appearance may be affected by the color of the abutment. Select HT if you want to reflect the color of the abutment; select LT if you want to mask the color of the metal or discolored abutment. These options make it easier to achieve an esthetic color adjustment.

      KATANA™ Zirconia HT KATANA™ Zirconia HT
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